MAY 8, 2018

Political Outsider Patrick “PK” Kucera Announces
Campaign for Governor of Kansas

Starts Campaign with $500,000 and Releases First Campaign Ad

OVERLAND PARK – Entrepreneurial Evangelist Patrick “PK” Kucera announced today his campaign for governor of Kansas. PK starts the campaign with $500,000 raised, including an initial personal contribution of $250,000. PK’s fundraising already exceeds other top tier candidates like Kris Kobach, who raised only $355,000 as of the last reporting deadline.

PK is taking his message to the people of Kansas with a six-figure media buy. You can watch the first ad here (LINK).

“The career politicians in this race have offered zero innovative solutions for Kansas,” PK said. “I’m not another politician, and I won’t be your typical candidate. I’m a pastor and an entrepreneur. I have bold plans that will change Kansas from a flyover state to a fly-to state.”

PK is both an entrepreneur in the private sector and an evangelist in the nonprofit sector. He is an innovator in the field of aviation, drone, and maritime as well as in many other business ventures. He’s shared his innovative ideas and intriguing concepts as he has addressed and advised business, religious and government leaders across America and around the world. PK will travel the state sharing his innovative economic plan to leverage his international relationships to attract businesses to create jobs here in Kansas. PK’s plan will revolutionize Kansas’ aviation industry and will revive the agricultural sector with new revenue streams.

PK is a strong pro-life, pro-Second Amendment conservative who strongly supports term limits for politicians in Topeka and in America.

PK’s campaign will kick off with a state-wide tour to hear from and meet Kansans.

God willing, he believes if given the opportunity, he will bring a revival of revenue through economic growth to the people of Kansas and rebrand Kansas from a flyover state to a fly-to state. Yes We K.A.N (Kansas Airport Now).

Learn more about PK’s campaign at

About Patrick “PK” Kucera
PK is a husband, father of six, pastor, and entrepreneur. Both of his parents and grandparents come from a farming background. His father was a contractor and his mother a nurse. Under their influence, he received a great education, developed a strong work ethic and an early appreciation for self-determination.

PK met Mari, his wife of 28 years, on their first day of college. Together they have shared a vision for empowering individuals and bringing the message of God’s love to new audiences. They are the founders of Frontline Ministries and for 30 years have faithfully served God and His people. Thousands of Kansans have been blessed by their love, wisdom and service to the community.

Today, PK is recognized the world over as “The Entrepreneurial Evangelist” for his mission to bring “sacred solutions that solve secular problems.” He is committed to bringing his experience in the private sector, his world-renowned entrepreneurial spirit, and his ambitious vision for the future of Kansas to the Governor’s Office in Topeka.


“Taking Kansas from a flyover state to a fly-to state”