Revival of Revenue

PK and Mari have been married since 1990

PK and Mari have six wonderful children

PK has ministered all over the world

PK is an aviation visionary



Term Limits

Are you tired of politicians in both parties making a living off of the people they are supposed to serve? The corruption and hypocrisy committed by too many career politicians in Topeka and Washington can only be solved by term limits. Public service as our Founders intended it is for hard-working Americans to come to government for a time, serve their country, and then return to private life and business. Patrick Kucera, a political outsider who’s never held elected office, will restore accountability in our government.


As a pastor and father of six, Patrick Kucera knows how precious life is, and that it is God’s alone to give and take. Patrick recognizes it is the duty of all elected officials to uphold and defend the rights given to every individual by their Creator, including the right to life. If given the opportunity to serve as Governor, Patrick will always defend the dignity of the most vulnerable in our society.

2nd Amendment

As a gun owner, avid outdoorsman, world-class fisherman, and master bowhunter, Patrick Kucera understands the constitutional rights and protections guaranteed to those who choose to keep and bear arms. If elected Governor, Patrick will always stand up for the Second Amendment and law-abiding gun owners against efforts by radical left-wing interest groups and some at the federal level to infringe on these God-given rights.

Aviation Revival

There are hundreds of businesses in Kansas that support the aviation industry. A majority of the world’s fleet of light aircraft are manufactured in Kansas. Nonetheless, aviation production is struggling. We can turn that around. Patrick Kucera is an innovator in the aviation industry who is working to transform the entire aviation industry. Patrick has a dream -- and a plan -- for the aviation industry, which will result in more high-paying jobs for Kansans.

Agricultural Revolution

Agriculture is a bedrock of our economy. Kansas has, for decades, produced more wheat than any other state. It is a point of pride for Kansans that our crops truly feed America and the world. We need to keep this industry strong, and growing. Kansas needs an entrepreneur who knows our state and who has a track-record of successfully expanding opportunity. Patrick Kucera has a plan that will spark the agricultural industry in Kansas.

State of ART Initiative

While some see Kansas just as “fly-over country,” Patrick Kucera sees an opportunity presented by our state’s unique location. As the centerpoint of the country, Kansas is positioned to serve as an infrastructure crossroads. Patrick has put forward a state of the “art” initiative -- or A-R-T, which stands for “Aviation,” “Rail,” and “Trucking.” His vision is to create a multi-modal hub, bringing the flow of planes, trains and automobiles to our great state. Such an undertaking would revitalize Kansas’ infrastructure, create thousands of new jobs, and attract businesses from around the country and across the globe.


“I’m not your typical candidate. I’m a pastor and entrepreneur. I’ve got bold plans that will change Kansas from a flyover state to a fly-to state.”

- Patrick "PK" Kucera

"I've got some big ideas for Kansas and I think we need to get flying again."

- Patrick "PK" Kucera

“As an entrepreneurial evangelist, Patrick “PK” Kucera has been called the "Billy Graham of business", a "modern-day Napoleon Hill" and the "Zig Ziglar for the next generation." Kings have embraced him, politicians have entrusted him, and corporate CEOs have sought his counsel. He has taken his entrepreneurial message of hope, innovation and free enterprise across America and around the world."

-Leslie Stone, Opportunist Magazine


YES WE K.A.N! Kansas Airport Now!

“Taking Kansas from a flyover state to a fly-to state”